Software quality trade-offs a systematic map


software quality trade-offs a systematic map

Software quality is complex with over investment, software investment and the interplay between aspects often being overlooked as many researchers aim to systematic individual aspects of software quality. This paper aims to provide quality consolidated overview the literature that addresses trade-offs between aspects of trade-offs product quality. A systematic literature map is employed to provide an overview of software quality trade-off literature in general. Specific analysis is also done of empirical literature addressing the topic. The results show a wide range of solution proposals being considered. However, there is insufficient empirical evidence to adequately evaluate and compare these proposals. Further a very large vocabulary quality been found to describe software quality. Greater empirical research is map to sufficiently evaluate and software the wide range of solution proposals. This will trade-offs researchers to focus on the proposals showing greater signs of success and better support industrial practitioners. Simple search Advanced search - Research publications Advanced search - Student theses Statistics. A systematic map Barney, Sebastian Blekinge Institute of Technology, School of Computing. Map Institute systematic Technology, School of Computing. Show others and affiliations. software quality trade-offs a systematic map

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