Andromeda trading system


andromeda trading system

ANDROMEDA OMS is a state of trading art, modular, flexible, expandable and integrated information system aiming to cover the entire business workflow for domestic and cross border trading. Provides advanced trading, strategy monitoring, market making, smart order routing and dynamic portfolio management capabilities with real time market data support. In addition, the solution has embedded CRM functionality and full reporting capability. Finally, provides full market connectivity through FIX or other proprietary gateways OASYS, ARENA for real-time trading and direct links to major market data feed providers such as Morning Star ex TENFORE. Andromeda OMS consists of the following basic modules: Provide -client centric- trading and portfolio management functionality enhanced with many other features such as CRM functionality, Real Time or historical market date feed analysis, Risk Management etc. Provides centralized control for trade compliance based on trading law rules and regulations and company or customer specific policies and guidelines. In more details, the system incorporates Weighed Portfolio evaluation, buying power calculation, margin engine and order acceptance procedures based on fully configurable hierarchical policy sets that depend on multiple criteria such as: In more details the following features are provided: Moreover, it analyzes portfolio sensitivity on specific instruments rearrangement, provides stress testing and back testing capabilities. Automates all campaign management, customer care and service processes. Moreover, it provides user specific calendar and tasks organization In more details the following features are provided: Historical and Financial Data Analysis. In more details the system provides the following capabilities: Aims in minimizing execution shortfall relative to a specified benchmark VWAP, TPOV, TWAP. The system is able to monitor order execution comparing ideal trade trajectory planning based on a preselected benchmark to the real order execution. At this time the following strategies are currently supported: The system is able to handle execution reports either FIX or consecutive updates taken into consideration both simple trades and packets allowing flexible management and what-if scenarios analysis. This module provides the following features: Route orders to alternative venues either based on pre configured rules or in order to take advantage of extra liquidity and reduce trading costs. Provides the following features: WCF based middleware that provides the following features: The following connectivity modules are provided: Trading gateways provide market connectivity offering fully trading automation and order routing. More over are accompanied with centralized gateway configuration and monitoring applications with advanced logging capabilities. The following gateways are currently supported: There are adaptors for stock exchanges such as ARENA, SIBIU or data vendors such as Morning Star ex Tenfore and others. Finally, news can be received through RSS or other proprietary adaptors from data vendors. Provides synchronous, asynchronous or queue store and forward communication and interoperability with Bank Systems for money blocking prenotationsbalance reconciliation, debit and system. Oracle AQ, MSMQ, IBM Websphere MQS, web services, MSMQ and WCF communication techniques are supported. The following diagrams depict overall architecture and module connectivity and interoperation and supported order flow of Andromeda OMS: Home Company Mission History - Overview About Us Customers Management Team Company NewsRoom Financials Contact Us Careers. XRHMA Suite Custody Mgmt System MultiBranch Andromeda CerBeruS Daedalus Ariadne Fix Gateway Hermes Alert System Xrhma Connect SWIFT Engine Mobile Trading Communication Center. Support Center Technical Specifications FAQ User's Guides Requests Monitoring Closing Prices Download. Provides tracking, analysis, as well as comparison among the several financial volumes of a company or a group of companies aiming at company evaluation or comparison. Moreover, graph presentation of financial volumes, indexes and stock exchange levels are provided. Technical and Historical Market Data Analysis: Technical Analysis is a method of stock and money markets evaluation that is based on graph analysis and indexes. An index system a mathematical calculation based on the stock price or transaction volume or both. Moreover, historical market or stock related data and news may be analyzed through graphs and tables. Fully automated workflow for customer account management process including list of pending system related to required or optional trading, contracts etc. Provides full trading and portfolio management features with snapshot real time market data support, margin calculator, what-if analysis and advanced reporting, statistics and CRM functionality. Mainly suitable for internal users or branches. Simple Trading and Portfolio Management Client with basic reporting and CRM functionality build upon WCF based request server API and Microsoft ASP. Suitable for retail customers trading branches. Rich GUI WEB Client: Built upon Real Time SOA Middleware using Silverlight technology provides rich GUI user experience and streaming data consuming capability over the WEB. Provides advanced trading and portfolio management functionality with real time feedback for the status of orders and executions in the market and auto-portfolio updating and evaluation based on push callback model without the need of refreshing. Moreover, it provides streaming market feed data monitoring and analysis. Andromeda, has embedded CRM and reporting functionality. Is suitable for all type of users internal, branches or retail. Front MultiClient Windows Simple WEB ASP. Participate with the volume at a user specified rate in order to match a percentage of the volume. In more details, target value dynamically adjusts to real time changes of volume in order not to exceed the specified percentage of the total executed volume in Market. Time Weighted Average TWAP: A volume percentage can be also defined, serving as an upper limit for preventing the TWAP order comprising too much of the traded volume. Volume Weighted Average VWAP: Minimize the execution shortfall relative to intra-day VWAP. In order to achieve this we pre-calculate trading historic stock volume distribution based on a moving window of the latest user defined number-day intraday data. In case of a Limit Order then MarketVWAP calculation take into consideration only trades above Sell or bellow buy that limit. Moreover, a volume percentage can be also defined, serving as an upper limit for system the VWAP order comprising too much of the traded volume. Strategy change and Variable Limit Orders: Manual or limit based VLO are supported. Manual or Auto for FIX Execution Report Management: In case of FIX orders Auto is the default mode where executed trades are forwarded back through appropriate FIX execution report messages as they are received. In manual mode the user is able to define a manual execution report based in real executions. In case of fix the user has the ability to send it through FIX. Break the quantity of a real or imaginary packet to one or more working orders and run what-if-scenarios. User defined route selection based on pre defined criteria set. Auto route selection in order to andromeda best execution of trades while minimizing market impact. It also enables venue prioritization based on transaction costs. The system is able to maintain a multi market consolidated order book for specific symbols. Implements Trading and Portfolio management functionality Provides access to the RDBMS Encapsulation and centralization of the OMS business logic Centralized control and rule enforcement for trade compliance and order acceptance based on company or law policies and regulations described in 3. WCF Based trading API: A well defined, contract based wrapper upon Request Server containing all transactions related to trading and portfolio management. Is responsible for receiving and retransmitting all data related with objects topics that should be auto updated on the client. Such topics are orders and trades and data feed for specific instruments and news. Each client subscribes and listens to specific topics. Data related with orders and trades are received through connections with corresponding Gateways FIX, ARENA, Sibiu etc. Moreover, there are adaptors for specific data feed providers such as ARENA, Sibiu, MorningSTAR ex TenFore etc. Implements smart order routing mechanism described in 3. X versions of FIX protocol for both incoming andromeda outgoing DMA or Care system even on the same channel. Provides a fully configurable and andromeda set up able to cover every Rules of Engagement need. Backoffice feed sync is a module included in each adaptor aiming to receive all data feed information needed in either OMS or Back office. Home Company Mission History andromeda Overview About Us Customers Management Team Company NewsRoom Financials Contact Us Careers Products XRHMA Suite Custody Mgmt System MultiBranch Andromeda CerBeruS Daedalus Ariadne Fix Gateway Hermes Alert System Xrhma Connect SWIFT Engine Mobile Trading Communication Center Services Support Center Technical Specifications FAQ User's Guides Requests Monitoring Closing Prices Download Trading SA Bsoft SA Demos. Snapshot Market Data Support. Streaming Market Data Support.


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